Our Firm

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized and sought out as the company that educates our clients, and gives them the best individual financial guidance possible based on their own specific needs.  As an independent financial consultant, you can count on us for unimpeachable objectivity.  

Our success is tied to yours, so we focus on what is best for you with every recommendation we make


Our Mission

Grace Financial Group has a core belief and primary goal of operation to become the most knowledgeable and trusted advisors serving the financial needs of its clients. The firm maintains this focus by employing a truly client centered planning process of identifying and prioritizing client goals and objectives, analyzing your situation, proposing realistic and comfortable solutions, and monitoring your situation as either the economy, the tax code, or your situation changes over time. We are committed to establishing long-term goals with our clients, and reinforcing the discipline necessary to fulfill these goals. It is our commitment and desire to establish trust and a  long lasting relationship with our clients.  This commitment has served us well throughout the years.  We take pride in knowing that our clients keep returning to us for advice. services we provide. Our firm has a relationship with a variety of financial services companies, so if we don’t have a product or service, we know a group that does.

Our Values

Integrity/Morals, Respect, Passion, Honesty, Family, Learning/Teaching, Vision, Strength...
Grace Financial Group, LLC is founded on a set of values to which we have unwavering commitment: We focus our utmost abilities and resources on our clients and their interests at all times, combining high standards of professionalism with a keen understanding of their personal and businesses situation so that we can help them solve any problems and surmount any challenges they may face. We Value our Customers.  

We find practical and effective means to meet the needs of our customers through a holistic approach.


We measure our success by that of our customers. We pursue excellence in every aspect of our professional lives, aiming to deliver quality, innovation and consistency in all aspects of our service We hold ourselves to high ethical standards, believing in unequivocal integrity. We are upfront and open with our actions, and maintain high ethical and moral standards in our business practices.

We emphasize teamwork that couples effectiveness with cohesion and collaboration throughout the firm We value passion, as individuals and as a firm, in working hard and striving to be the best in all that we undertake We take an educational approach with our clients. As much as a client wants to understand about financial markets and investing, we are willing to educate. We believe that there is no cookie cutter approach to everyone's financial goals. Our clients do not need to be told what to do, they need the education and tools to make wise decisions.