Our Process

At Grace Financial Group, we employ a client-centric process that is designed to help you take command of your wealth and consider different avenues for growth and security. We have developed an immersive approach that explores your values and needs to create an actionable plan.  

Establish Goals: Successful planning starts with trust. We dedicate our initial meetings to learning about your life and unique circumstances, both inside the financial world and beyond it. We seek to gain a thorough understanding of who you are and what you value most. Working from that foundation, we can create your custom plan and build a framework striving to grow and preserve your wealth.

Evaluating Financial Status: In addition to exploring your goals, we analyze your risk tolerance, cash flow, investment portfolio, business commitments, family situation, and more. By conducting a thorough evaluation of your current financial situation, including projections and analysis for retirement, we can develop strategies engineered to work towards your goals.                                                          

Craft the Plan: Our comprehensive plans take everything into consideration, from asset management and tax planning strategies, to wealth management strategies and more. Each of our proposals are dependent upon your review and endorsement, and through every stage of our partnership, we are committed to enhancing your understanding of the strategies in place.

Implementing Your Plan to Action: To protect your financial future, we will work towards all areas of your plan meeting your expectations. As our experts implement your custom strategies, we will coordinate our process with additional members of your team, including legal, accounting, and trust professionals.

Monitoring Portfolio Progress: Truly comprehensive wealth management plans adapt to the unexpected. As markets and economies change, your financial plans should have the elasticity to meet your unique and evolving needs. We will stay vigilant and work alongside you.