Social Security

Electing your Social Security income benefit may be the most important financial decision you make in your lifetime. Singles, and especially couples, can miss opportunities to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional income over their lifetimes by making poor Social Security income election decisions. By applying little-known, yet creative claiming strategies, you may be rewarded with significant additional retirement income over your lifetime.

A multitude of possible combinations are available for choosing your Social Security income election. At first glance, the election process and strategies can seem complicated and confusing. There are literally more than 300 strategic combinations for maximizing and optimizing your lifetime Social Security benefit. Unfortunately, few financial professionals understand how to successfully navigate the Social Security income election waters. Furthermore, only a small handful of diligent retirees investigate this critical financial decision at a deeper level.

Maximizing your Social Security income benefit requires a bit of education, good planning, and the application of smart decision tools. In this snapshot report, we highlight six important tools (i.e. concepts and techniques) pre-retirees and retirees should consider utilizing when evaluating their Social Security income claiming decision.

We use “Best-in-class” Social Security income software to “do-the-math” and generate a best-fit client election strategy.

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